Plasma Explosion (UE4)

UE4 Real-Time Plasma Explosion VFX

Karl abom plasmablast

Plasma blast seen from the side. I layered two cylinders on top of one another and scaled them while eroding them with a noise texture to create the stringy bits of plasma.

Karl abom plasmaball

Plasma ball buildup. The ball is distorted by the shader through manipulating its World Position with the use of a panning world aligned noise texture.

The arcs of lightning are straight lines that gets distorted by panning noises across its UVs.

Karl abom plasmaexplosionerosion

The dome of doom, my main inspiration for this effect, cuts away just as it starts eroding, so we never know what the full erosion looks like. I kept the "holes" from the movies by subtracting a Voronoi noise pattern, and distorted it as it goes along.

Plasma Explosion (UE4)

A plasma explosion made in Unreal Engine 4. The purpose of this project was to practice my VFX skills in UE4 and deepen my knowledge of the sequencer tool. The main inspiration behind the look of the explosion was the Dome of Doom from The Iron Giant.

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