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Unreal Engine 4 Bunker environment

This is an environment I created for a UE4 Environment art course at FutureGames over the course of five weeks. I decided to go for slightly dilapidated bunker environment and focus on re-usable assets and textures to help quickly build the scene. I learned a ton of stuff about UE4, but in particular I came to appreciate how powerful the material editor is for detailing the environment. Decals, blueprints and vertex blending goes a long way to help introduce variety to the scene.

The main reference for the scene was "Workers room" by Colton Dubell (, but I ended up adding and changing some things in the end because I wanted to experiment with the environment. The meshes were created in Maya, and textures and decals were created using Substance Painter and Substance Designer. The final tri count of the scene is around 180000 polygons.

Karl abom bunker1
Karl abom bunker2
Karl abom bunker3
Karl abom bunker4